REAKTION! Ensemble

March 15, 2024

About Reaktion! Ensemble

REAKTION! Ensemble is Connect Festivals own in-house ensemble. It is specifically put together with a new constellation for each year’s festival and is comprised by students from Malmö Academy of Music. This year, REAKTION! Ensemble consists of:

Inês Paiva – Flute, Piccolo, Contrabass Flute
Alberto Martínez – Clarinet, Bass Clarinet
Joel Henriksson – Percussion
Fabian Franzén – Percussion
Matilde Kivisilla – Violin
Hanna Jürgenson – Double Bass


S:t Johannes Church
Rådmansgatan 20
211 46 MALMÖ
Concert starts 18:00


Om vi skulle mötas här (If We Were to Meet Here) – Emanuele Maria Fiammetti
“Om vi skulle mötas här” (“If We Were to Meet Here”) captures the essence of solitude  and a silent, yearning quest for connection. The piece is ultimately an intimate tableau, a  delicate exploration of the spaces between presence and absence, evoking diaphanous  sensations—intangible yet palpable in emotional depth.

Natt över Neukölln – Neo Korths
“Natt över Neukölln” (a Night in Neukölln) was written in and depicts the Berlin  Borough of Neukölln. An area not unlike Norra Grängsbergsgatan in Malmö. The piece explores the playing technique blissbigando (it. “whispering”): a tremolo  between different fingerings of the same pitch, creating a slightly shimmering sound.

Choräle – Elias von Proschek
Choräle is based on the opposition between the couplings double bass /contrabass flute  to clarinet / violin, each duo playing different musics. The former starts with an  aggressive gesture in a low and murky register, only receiving an indifferent response  from the latter in the form of repetitive chorales (lending the piece its title). This keeps  happening, neither group letting go of their limited, almost simplistic material, until the  chorales eventually start spreading to the rest of the ensemble. 

Frustration? – Anna Carlén
When we encounter problems without a clear solution, frustration might occur. Sometimes we even know a perfect solution but don’t have the possibility to implement it. This piece is built upon improvisation circling a single drone to seize the feeling of being frustrated and how the feeling can be unexpected yet repetitive. Since frustration often feels lonely the piece is played by a single clarinet.

Ivar Asplund – clarinet

antipatharia in pure water magic spell – Sofie Meyer
The piece seeks to explore the life of corals. Recent scientific research has pointed out  that corals that are sensitive to sunlight may change their own colour to protect  themselves from it. This quality of coral serves as the main inspiration for this project: to  develop a sound expression of fragility and the use of colour as shelter. 

Elena Tamiolaki – Piano

A Free Sea – Lotta Alvin
As if the Sea should part
And show a further Sea —
And that — a further — and the Three
But a presumption be —

Of Periods of Seas — Unvisited of Shores —
Themselves the Verge of Seas to be —
Eternity — is Those —

Emily Dickinson

Eleni Kordi – clarinet

Motors/Torque – Adam Hesselbom
Motors/Torque was born out of a fascination in the animation of dead objects and the  human tendency to see life where there is only machinery. The transfiguration of  moving mechanical parts into an entity that seemingly has soul and will. At the time of  composition, artificial intelligence, A. I., was a big buzz word and selling point for  anything from cars to appliances. This music, however, goes into a more basic level of  mechanics, seeing music evolve out of a schematic and machine-like approach. Torque is  defined as the ability of applied force to turn an object around an axis, reflected in the  musical material as metric modulations intensifying the rhythm while slowing the pulse  simultaneously. Composed and performed as part of the 2024 Connect Festival, the  festival’s theme – simplicity – is manifested by the narrow selection of harmony (4 poly chords) and the sparse material as well as the overall construction as imitiating a very  basic principle of physics and mechanics. 

Self-sabotage – Anna Carlén
This piece is an attempt to portray over-analyzing, when repeated thoughts and feelings turn into something worse than they originally were. To really capture the feeling of being stuck in repeated thoughts the piece is built upon two simple notes with a pedal-function throughout the entire piece. One note for each part. Sometimes they are hidden behind motives stretched to their limits, and sometimes they are in the foreground. 

Sonata for violin and piano, sats 1 – Erik Breski
The Sonata for violin and piano roughly falls into the category of neoclassicism. This first  movement, while not exactly simple in terms of what it demands of the performers, is  simplistic in concept: a sonata form where almost every measure is derived from either of the two themes of the exposition – all the while attempting to conceal its underlying  simplicity with intricate, virtuosic outbursts. 

Elena Tamiolaki – Piano

Kleptomania – Neo Korths
“Kleptomania” takes us into the mind of someone who has given in to their desires and  done something they know is wrong. The piece depicts the hesitant buildup, the act itself  and the instant regret and gnawing paranoia which inevitably follows.  

Felix Dobler – clarinet

Phone Jam – Alvi Joensen
Dual-tone multi-frequency signaling (DTMF) is a telecommunication signaling system using the voice-frequency band over telephone lines between telephone equipment and other communications devices and switching centers. These frequencies for example make up the sounds heard when dialing on a phone. In this work Alvi Joensen uses these dial-tones in a comedic manner reminiscent of childhood memories playing with the landline phone.


Emanuele Maria Fiammetti is an Italian composer of contemporary classical music with  a background in composition, singing and cello performance. His works  explore imaginative soundscapes that evoke emotional experiences and the oneiric  world. Before moving to Sweden, Emanuele graduated from the Milan Conservatory,  obtaining the highest possible degree evaluation for his composition degree and  winning the 2020 “Premio del Conservatorio” scholarship as one of the institute’s top  students. He is currently pursuing a Composition Diploma at Lund University in Malmö,  Sweden under Bent Sørensen. 

Neo Korths (2003) is a composer from Höganäs, currently studying his first year at the  bachelor programme in composition at MHM. His music is characterized by its melodic  focus and rhythmic playfulness and has been performed by ensembles such as  Helsingborg Symphony orchestra, Vindla String Quartet and the Scottish Red Note  Ensemble. 

Elias von Proschek trained as a horn player before pursuing composition. He is currently  in the first year of the Master programme. His music – mostly instrumental, occasionally  electronic – is characterised by a restless, searching quality, existing in an ever forward leaning stream of consciousness.

Anna Carlén was born and raised in a family where music was important and a natural part of everyday life. As a child, she sang in multiple choirs, played the saxophone in different ensembles, and practiced music with friends and family. At 14 she discovered music written for movies and started dreaming about composing such beautiful and moving pieces. Studying music at Musikgymnasiet in Skövde was, therefore, an obvious choice and presented the possibility of practicing composing and arranging, which Anna immediately fell for. 2020 she explored her new-found interest at Geijerskolans Folkhögskola. In 2021 she moved to Växjö and studied for Hans Parment at Sankt Sigfrids Folkhögskola for two years. Nowadays Anna spends her time at Malmö Academy of music pursuing her dreams of creating music that will have people experience passionate feelings and be touched by music the way she is. 

Sofie Meyer is a Danish composer, violin player and improvisor. She graduated with honours  from the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre in Tallinn (Masters) where she studied  composition under the supervision of Helena Tulve. Throughout the years she has received  guidance from composers such as Toshio Hosokawa, Chaya Czernowin, and Juste Janulyte  and her works have been performed by ensembles including the ICTUS Ensemble, Ensemble  Fractales and YXUS Ensemble. In 2021 and 2023 she represented Denmark at the Young  Nordic Music Festival. She has been granted the Carl Nielsen and Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen  Talent Prize 2023. 

 Lotta Alvin is a classical violinist and a bachelor student in composition at MHM.

Adam Hesselbom (b. 1989) is a Swedish organist and composer. His musical output is  mainly focused on music for film and media as well as sacred music for choir and  instrumental works for different ensembles. He graduated with a BA in Church Music  from Malmö Academy of Music, Lund University, in 2015 and has been working within  the Church of Sweden as an organist and choral director while also freelancing as an  instrumentalist, composer and singer. Since 2022, Adam Hesselbom is studying at the  Master’s Programme in Composition – Scoring for Film and Media at the Malmö  Academy of Music where he studies film scoring with Nicklas Schmidt and composition  with Daniel Fjellström and Staffan Storm.  

Erik Breski is studying his second year of his Bachelor’s degree in Composition at the  Malmö Academy of Music. His music draws inspiration from the first half of the 20th  century in general and impressionism and neoclassicism in particular, and has hints of  jazz harmony thrown in every now and then, for good measure. 

Alvi Joensen is a guitarist and composer with a fascination for the unknown, the macabre and humour. As a performer he commissions new pieces on regular basis and plays pieces on the verge of oblivion. As a composer he balances on the edge between tonality and atonality, constantly seeking new sounds, timbres and expressions.


Adam Hesselbom
Elias von Proschek